Frequently Asked Questions

Who does my valuation need to be addressed to?
This depends on what the valuation is required for:
Finance/Mortgage Purposes – addressed to the mortgagee i.e. the lender
Trust Purposes – addressed to the Trust
Personal Tax Purposes – addressed to the owner

How long will it take to complete the valuation?
From the property inspection to the completed report is normally within five to seven working days.

What happens when I order a valuation?
Your valuation instructions are passed on to a registered valuer who will contact you to make an appointment to view and photograph the property. After the inspection a report is created and checked by the valuer before release.

Why must the valuer have access to the interior of the property?
The valuer cannot adequately certify the internal condition of the property without an inspection.  Internal condition of the property is an important consideration when calculating market value.

How much will my property valuation cost?
From $494.50 inclusive of GST depending on the value of the property and the complexity of the report required.

What do I get for my money?
You are provided with a 7-8 page report with a reliable current market value calculation, comprehensive detail of the property, analysis of current comparable sales in the surrounding areas, copies of the certificate of title and a colour photograph of the property.

Why is a mortgage recommendation included on valuations to be used for mortgage purposes?
The Valuers Institute requires that all valuations for mortgage purposes include a mortgage recommendation and this recommendation must not exceed 66% of the current market value exclusive of chattels.  However, this recommendation does not affect the level of borrowing, that is negotiable between you and your mortgage provider.